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    HAOTAI • Professional Stage Lighting
    From the design of the program, implementation of debugging, to daily operation and maintenance, to provide one-stop service!
    Excellent Quality, Derived From Constant Innovation
    The company upholds the present in good faith and expands the future with wisdom. Wholeheartedly provide customers with the best quality products.
    Increase Brand Height and Share Brand Value
    Produced are high quality, sincerely treat every customer.
    We listen to the voice of our customers and fully meet the needs of our customers to help them overcome their problems.
    Learn Haotai to Experience High-Quality Stage Lighting Audio
    To survive by quality, to develop by credit, to make our customers become our everlasting friends.

            Guangzhou Haotai Stage Lighting Audio Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional stage lighting manufacturer in South China. It mainly manufactures moving headlights, beam lights, and LED stage lighting. The company's products have novel styles and excellent materials. They are widely used in engineering applications such as KTV, outdoor performances, and bar lighting equipment. Professional technology, scientific management, credit management, the company's products have been recognized by the majority of users, Guangzhou has become a powerful, honest lighting of the stage lighting manufacturers.
            The company continuously develops new products, continuously pursues improvement and surpassing quality, provides perfect pre-sales and after-sales service systems, and does its utmost to provide customers with cost-effective products and considerate services. Products have been widely used in various industries, and have been exported to India, Brazil, West Asia, Europe and the United States and other countries and regions, has received wide recognition and praise.

      Executive Standard
      We promise:
      Adhere to the spirit of sincere belief and customer advance and retreat, we strive for excellence, the pursuit of greater win-win! Let us work together to embrace a better tomorrow!
      Pursuit of Excellence, Casting Quality Project
      China's lighting and audio industry is in a period of rapid development. With a standardized market operation,
      Haotai aims to provide top-notch services and create quality projects, and strives to build a banner in this industry.
      Based on the Present, Leading the Future
      In the future, Haotai will not only sum up experience, continuously improve the management mechanism,
      But will also actively introduce advanced equipment, advanced technology, and advanced concepts.
      On-site Measurement
      Engineers come to survey, communicate and position, give professional advice and plans.
      Professional engineering design team designs the entire process plan to select the appropriate lighting based on positioning
      Release Light Effect
      For the best light and the purest lighting effect, the customization of each part is strictly required.
      International Standard
      Implementation of ISO9001 quality management system, domestic prices, import quality!